Inked Minds

We are the tattooed ones, the people of the ink. We are not recent; our ancestors drew on their bodies and before them, their ancestors did too. And it seems our numbers are growing more with every generation. We carry on our skins our belonging but also our uniqueness. We have been colored and we have altered our surface, we belong with those who wear their hearts on their skins, to humans who have not been fully controlled yet. Yes we do have lots of tattoos but this does not put us all in one batch; Tattoos speak for us, for each one’s unique mind and unique life.

As society placates and tames its members, as the call for individuality is sounding more and more like a call for rebellion, here we stand. United as a tribe, we will keep on drawing our stories, tattooing our hearts, inking our minds to better claim our identity and our humanity.

You will find us everywhere, from the underground world to the most “huppé” places, drinking cheap whiskey from the bottle or champagne in crystal flutes. We do not belong to one class of society; we are rather spread across all of it.

Even when our skin is different, we can be walking right next to you, closer than you think. We belong to this world just as you do, we might just see it differently, with a lot more color!